My name is Bill Hellams
and I am a story teller.

I began my professional career as a studio camera operator at Channel 9 here in Oklahoma City in 1972, and have been helping corporations effectively communicate with their clients through the use of professionally produced video presentations since I became Video Producers in 1980.

I believe a true video professional not only understands the technical aspects of audio and video production, but is also exceptionally skilled at creatively communicating their client's message. After spending 40 years working in broadcast television and corporate communications I take a great deal of pride in my work and would like to give you the opportunity to decide if I am the one best suited to help you tell your story.

My unique talent lies in my ability to use the technical aspects of audio and video production to help you creatively communicate your message.

I started my own video production company and bought my first camera in 1980. I wish I could take credit for the name Video Producers but I actually bought the company from an individual after working for him for about three months.

My first camera was the JVC KY-2000. It was the first under $10,000 three tube camera. I did not realize it at the time but the KY-2000 ushered in the dawn of corporate video. Promotional videos for corporations have been my focus ever since.

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