My Gear

Cameras have come a long way since 1980 and now I am shooting with this Sony PDW-F350. This camera shoots at more than twice the resolution of every camera I have owned to date. And that's quite a few cameras.

Having a good camera is important, and having great glass on the front of the camera is equally important. I have two lenses listing out at around $35,000. I have a Fujinon Super-Wide Angle lens that is great for Architectural Projects and any application where you need to see lots of stuff but you really don't want to back up into the next county.

I also have a Canon 21X Telephoto lens with a 2X Extender, in case you need to get really close. Both of my lenses are true 16X9 HD lenses of course and both will do macro.

Audio equipment has not changed as dramatically as video equipment. My location sound gear includes a Senheiser ME66 Shotgun, two Lectrosonic wireless microphones (one UHF and one VHF), and four Sony lavaliere microphones.

My location lighting package includes two Chimeras, one small and one extra small, which I use exclusively for key and fill lighting in interview situations. I also have three Omni's, two Arri 150's, three LTM Peppers, two Avenger A635B light stands, three Avenger A625B's, three C-Stands with arms and an assortment of other lights and stands.

I edit what I shoot on an Avid Media Composer, version 5.5. I am a "film style" editor who makes it a point to shoot transitions and rely on cuts and dissolves to get from one clip to the next. I know some really great editors, so if you need composting with lots of layers then I can steer you in the right direction.